Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proven Interiors?

Proven Interiors is a disruptive startup that empowers contractors by providing pre-made, professionally designed interior design plans. We offer mood boards and source lists with multiple pricing tiers to streamline the design and sourcing process, making it easy for contractors to offer timeless and elegant designs to their clients.

How does Proven Interiors work?

Contractors subscribe to our service, gaining access to a wide range of beautifully curated design plans. Each plan includes a mood board and a comprehensive source list. With this subscription, contractors can save time, effort, and resources while delivering exceptional interior design solutions to their clients.

Are Proven design plans customizable?

No, our design plans are not customizable, and for good reason! Our pre-made design plans offer a significant advantage for contractors, streamlining their projects and driving efficiency. With ready-to-use designs, contractors can avoid time-consuming revisions and present well-defined concepts to clients promptly. Our curated plans are optimized for both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring easy integration into various projects. By leveraging our designs, contractors can reduce lead times, focus on client relationships, and achieve stunning results.

Can I purchase a design plan for personal use?

At this time, Proven Interiors primarily caters to contractors and professionals in the interior design industry. However, we are continuously exploring opportunities to expand our services to homeowners and individuals interested in professional interior design plans. Stay tuned for updates on this front!

How often are new design plans added to the collection?

We are committed to keeping our design offerings fresh and up-to-date. We regularly add new design plans to our collection, ensuring that our subscribers have access to the latest trends and timeless styles in the interior design industry.

Does Proven mark up products in the source lists?

No, we believe in complete transparency with our contractors. Proven Interiors does not mark up any products in the source lists, allowing contractors to make all the upside. Unlike traditional interior designers, we empower contractors to maximize their profits on each project.

How do I access the design plans after subscribing?

Once you subscribe to our service, you’ll receive a unique login to access our platform. From there, you can explore our collection of design plans, view mood boards, and access the corresponding source lists with ease.

How do I get started with Proven Interiors?
To embark on your journey with Proven Interiors and unlock the potential of our design plans, click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button, follow the simple registration process, and gain instant access to our collection of timeless and professionally designed interiors.

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