Carrie Bath

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*Please note: Actual items in your source list may differ from those shown in our inspiration photo due to our designers’ discretion and availability. Our team insures selections will align with the plan’s style and design.

Carrie Bath


What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Source list (Select up to 15 items)
  • Three Price Tiers (for every budget)
  • Product Links (for easy sourcing)
  • Downloadable source list to share with your contractor 
  • Clear, easy-to-follow style guide for seamless execution

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Whether you’re a DIYer, busy professional, or somewhere in between, our design plans give you the flexibility to be as involved as you’d like. Some of our customers send the source list to their contractors with budgetary guidance, while others sort and mark their favorite items before sending. Either way, your source lists are professionally designed and planned to give you a cohesive look for your space.

 How it Works

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