30 minute consultation

Refine your design plan with our focused 30-minute consultation. Tailored for customers with existing Proven Interiors design plans, this session helps you select alternative products that align with your style and budget. Perfect for when you want to personalize or adapt your chosen design to new circumstances.


If you’ve chosen a Proven Interiors design plan but need to tweak it to fit your unique space or budget, our 30-minute consultation is designed for you. Perhaps you’ve encountered discontinued items, or you’re looking for options that better suit your lifestyle—whatever the reason, our experts are here to guide you to suitable alternatives without compromising on style or quality.

During Your Consultation:

Personalized Product Matching: We’ll help you find replacements for any item in your design plan, ensuring they match the style, quality, and functionality you expect.
Budget-Friendly Solutions: If your budget has changed, we’ll identify alternatives that save you money without sacrificing aesthetics.
Up-to-Date Recommendations: Gain access to the latest product recommendations that reflect current trends and availability.
Seamless Integration: Ensure new product choices blend seamlessly with your existing design elements for a cohesive look.
Expert Insight: Receive professional advice on material durability, maintenance, and supplier reliability.
To Get the Most Out of Your Consultation:

Have Your Design Plan Ready: This will serve as the foundation for our discussion.
List Items for Replacement: Identify which products from your plan you’d like to find alternatives for.
Know Your Budget: Be clear about any budget changes so we can tailor our recommendations accordingly.
Express Preferences: Share any new preferences or requirements you have in mind.
By the end of your session, you’ll have a refreshed design plan that feels custom-fit to your evolving needs, complete with alternative products that are practical, beautiful, and on budget. Book your personalized product alternatives consultation today and keep your design project moving smoothly!